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Daryl´s Rope Rutine

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Daryl´s Rope Rutine - Daryl



Daryls berömda reprutin.

Beskrivningen består av en JÄTTEAFFISCH med hundratals bilder där du lär dig rutinen steg för steg.
Komplett med engelsk orginalbeskrivning.

Leave it to Daryl to come up with one the best rope routines ever!
This routine has it all! And, it's really easy to learn! The routine starts out with a single piece of rope.
Fold it in half then take the ends off! You are left with a single loop of rope with no ends!
In a flash, put the two ends back on! Next, do a cut and restored rope using no scissors (like Ropesational!).
Now the ends of the rope jump from one hand to the other! Finally, bring out another piece of rope and do Daryl's version of Professor's Nightmare! At the end, hand out all three pieces! What more could you ask for in a rope routine?
The instructions are really novel. No words, just a ton of very clear photos printed on a poster.
So, learning the routine is a snap! Just follow the step by step photos.
Daryl's Rope Routine -- A routine you will use!