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The Collected Works of Sigmund Fraud

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The Collected Works of Sigmund Fraud - Terry Nosek


Entertaining mentalism from the laughable to the incredible.

Easy? For the beginner - No! For one who knows the basics, these 24 exciting effects can be learned quickly with just a few practice sessions - and just a few props.
Effective? Famous mentalists and magicians from around the world would say - Yes!
This book is already in the libraries of Jay Marshall, Max Maven, Larry Becker, Bascom Jones, Richard Mark, T. A. Waters, Micky Hades, Basil Horowitz, Ted Lesley, Phil Willmarth and many, many others.
Entertaining? Thousands of audience members have proven it to be so with their gasps, laughter and applause - as well as with their referrals and requests for repeat performances.
You can't go wrong with this book - and that's no fraud!

  • Backstage
  • The Green Room
  • The Best Of Life
  • Mental Bingo
  • Talk Of The Town
  • Five Star Prediction Tip
  • It's Your Loss!
  • Antique Tip
  • Handy Guide To Palm Reading
  • Tuning In ...
  • Dr. Fraud's Card In Wallet
  • Handy Dandy Thought Reader
  • Psi - Peek
  • Star Wars
  • Sign Language
  • Psi Pow!
  • Solitaire Sorcery
  • Stock Market Manipulations
  • State Lottery
  • The Tossed Out Zodiac
  • Karnac, The Magnificent
  • Mental Block
  • Something Borrowed ...
  • Higher Municipality
  • Time Killer
  • It's A Double Date!
  • Impromptu Psychometry
  • Parachute Prediction
  • Backstage

1st edition 1984, 73 pages