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The Book of Imagination

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The Book of Imagination - Mark Ghia

Härär en ny variant på Målarboken.
I boken händer mycket som engagerar barnen - se bilderna.
Komplett med bok och engelsk instruktion.

“Kid’s show performers will want to check out this version of the classic Magic Coloring Book.
This is a nicely made prop, and the instruction sheets that come with it are well illustrated.

Recommended….” Mike Close, MAGIC “I like Kymystical’s commercial version of the coloring book.
If you are currently performing with the Fun, Inc. Product, seriously consider upgrading…
You’ll be impressed with the possibilities.” D.Orleans Genii Magazine This is the famous coloring book on steroids….it will even fool those that know the regular version….

The magician asks if the children would like to see a picture of his rabbit, Billy “Yes,” is shouted.
“Well, since he is a magic rabbit, we must use our imagination to get Billy Bunny to come out of the hat.
” The book cover is displayed and the children are told that it will show them what they are imagining.
They are told to imagine him coming out of the hat.
“Let’s see how we did.”
The cover is opened and a black and white picture of Billy is shown.
Only one problem – he is coming out of the hat feet first!!
“He must be shy…..Maybe adding color to the book would help.
Imagine your favorite color. Hold it in the air and throw it at the book.
Let’s see how we did this time.”
“OH NO! I did not want you to mess the book….” (the magician flips through the book and all of the pages have colored paint splats covering the black and white pictures!)
“Billy will never come out of this mess.
We’d better clean it up.” (The children are encouraged to imagine the invisible cloth and in the air, wipe away the paint.)
Standard 3-way coloring books are great for a while but people catch on.
Be the first in your town to perform “The Book of Imagination” .
It will be a hit at your next kid show performance.
Printed on quality paper